Our team

Our mission

To give local businesses and individuals in the D-A-CH-LI region a competitive edge on the international stage by cleaning the market of Denglisch

Our vision

A Denglisch-free D-A-CH-LI region where German speakers communicate in English with strong, confident voices that will resonate even louder across the globe

Our formula

( We commit to excellence.
We work with diligence.
We exceed expectations.
We value partnerships.)
We stay passionate.
We succeed together.

Our drive

We want to pay it forward.

We’d like to support those whose voices are heard the least – kids living in poverty. By providing them with food, safety, and access to education, we can help give them a chance.

Our core values

  • Commitment to continuous growth and improvement in everything we do
  • Commitment to our customers’ success through uncompromised quality and genuine support
  • Commitment to equipping others to speak with confidence
Dwight Schrute
Oswald Bates
Not sure how these two got here.