We always welcome experienced editors and proofreaders.

To ensure absolute quality, we only hire native speakers for our editorial positions. Besides that, here are some of the essentials we look for in an editor:

  • Five years’ experience as an editor or a proofreader
  • Expertise in various style guides, such as MLA, CMOS, AP, etc.
  • An advanced degree in English or another writing-intensive discipline

You would be a perfect fit if:

  • You can spot the sneakiest of errors, down to the smallest details.
  • You love what you do and care deeply about the quality of your work.
  • You know the meaning of consistency.
  • You continuously learn and push yourself to the limits of your ability.

Not sure if you are a good editor or copywriter? You probably are, if you:

  • Pay attention to capitalization and punctuation when texting
  • Are the one your family turns to for proofreading
  • End up fine-tuning your friends’ love and cover letters
  • Curse more creatively than any of your colleagues
  • Spend ages deciding what to say on postcards
  • Give books as Christmas presents
  • Refuse to order misspelled menu items
  • Proofread social media posts multiple times
  • Are already thinking about how you could improve this article