Effective, Efficient, Efficacious, or Effectual?

You’ve all heard the words effective and efficient. And you’ve definitely asked yourself which one best describes what you’re trying to say. But did you know that apart from “effective” and “efficient”, there are two more words that can help you be even more accurate in your description? These words are efficacious and effectual.



What Does a Translator Do?



The importance of context only scratches the surface in explaining the everyday obstacles of translation and, hence, the importance of translation being handled by qualified professionals. What I love about educating others on this topic is how relatable it is even to people who have never learned another language or couldn’t care less about the difference between an adjective and an adverb. Look at you, taking the time to learn something new today!

What is Editing?

Did you know that editing is a crucial part of the writing process? Most writers submit their content to an editor before publishing, others even turn to an editor before they finish their work to seek assistance in the developmental stages. Editing ensures that a writer’s work is complete, clean of errors, and will be well received by the reader.





We at Denglisch Docs understand the importance of language authenticity and error-free writing. We always make sure that what you present to your readers (prospective clients, investors, competitors, etc.) is refined, conveys your message clearly, and reflects the pride you take in the high-quality services or goods you offer. We also know that something well-said is often well-sold.

English is a Germanic Language: What’s that mean?

The Short (overly simplified) Answer

The Long(er) Answer (A Mini-History of English)

Types of Editing


A developmental editor will not rewrite your sentences (as a line editor would), but the job does involve understanding how to look at and use writers’ individual lines to improve the big picture.

Racial Slurs and Labels and Euphemisms, Oh My!*


What’s the correct way to refer to someone’s race?


Skin Color

Use: Black or African American

Don’t Use: Colored, Negro, Afro-American

Don’t Use: The N-Word


Origin or Ancestry

Use: Asian or Asian American

Don’t Use: Oriental

Use: American Indians

Don’t Use: Eskimo

Don’t Use: Indian for Indigenous People


More Doubt and Confusion: Ethnicity & Religion

People of Color

Latinx or Hispanic?

What’s wrong with Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, North African, Israeli, Jewish, and Jew?

  • Cultural tidbit: It’s (overly) common for Americans to play off of the Wizard of Oz when referring to scary things, like using words you don’t know how to use!

What is a CAT Tool?

What does the phrase CAT tool bring to mind? Maybe something a lion tamer would use? Or an app that brings you the most adorable cat videos on demand? Unfortunately, it’s nothing so exciting in the world of translation, although it is a big part of the profession as a whole.


You can think of a termbase as a personalized dictionary. Translators who use CAT tools might have termbases for different specialties (one for cardiology terms, another for pharmaceutical, etc.). They also might have different termbases for different clients. Think about Apple and Android…those two companies don’t want their texts sounding anything like the competitor’s, so they likely have specific terminology requirements. Say the translator reaches a segment where the source has a word that’s in this cultivated dictionary. The program will show the translator what’s in this “dictionary” as the translation for that word. The translator uses critical thinking to determine if that’s the right translation in context.


Translation memories (TMs) look for phrases in the source text that have appeared previously. It might be searching only within that one file or also within other files — it’s based on how the translator sets it up, which is based on the project type and the client. A translator working for both Apple and Android would certainly not set their file up to search through the competitor’s texts. Conversely, a translator who has handled dozens of mechanical engineering patents might compile one TM with all their patents to keep wording consistent.


How Does a Translator Work?